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[Blogger] Writing

December 8th, 2003 · No Comments

I’ve started writing again :o

While this is huge news for me it means nothing to you readers, so allow me few of lines to illuminate. I’ve written four short stories, mostly 6000 words and one novella at 12,000; but I’ve not written for ages. Infact not since I started work full time back in 1998. Five years down the line and I feel I can start again; I think in part it’s increased free time and because last years events, which I’ll skip past here, which led me to dismiss the whole career thing.

I work to to pay for a roof and food for me and mine; that’s it.

I should put a least snippets of each of my stories online at some point, not sure how well they have aged but I guess I’ll see. So a brief synopsis of what I’m doing in this story;

News comes that the legendary Army of the Dead has turned and is marching toward The Regency. The grandest Hotel in the world just happens to be hosting the Plains peace summit and as the news spreads panic sets in. The only hope for the assembled leaders and Lower Alembic is Osmic, the Hotel wizard and demon master, and Greg Crow the head of the City Guard. Times running short and with a traitor trying to stop them the odds of averting destruction grow slimmer by the hour.

The third short story in the Regency darkly comic fantasy series opens up more insights into the Regency’s world.

The Regency 1987
The Regency: Key 1987-1988
The Regency: Army of the Dead 2003-2004

My other stories are:

Slight of Mind (A fantasy/horror novella about dislocation and the extremes of nature.)
The Trick Is (Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk fluff in which a corporate accident creates a cure for a diseased world, his name’s Dolland.)
Estate (Sci-Fi, unlikely to ever be published in anything other than online due to content.)

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