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Korgo Virus

June 5th, 2004 · No Comments

If you are on Windows go download The MS Update countering the Korgo virus.

From /.

“A new virus is on the prowl that can infect your Windows XP/2K system and record every key you hit on your keyboard. The keys are then sent back to the virus creator where he/she can steal your passwords and credit card information. The virus named, Korgo, started showing up in the last week of May but it now has at least six different variants. To protect yourself from this nasty virus, Microsoft is urging all users to download the KB835732 Security Update. As with the Sasser worm, you’ll get the Korgo virus without even knowing it. It does not arrive by email, but simply by being connected to a network or to the Internet without having a patched machine or a properly configured firewall.”

On this page is a removal tool.

I’m on OS X, so I’ll just be smug for a bit, OK? Thanks.

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