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November 15th, 2004 · No Comments

The template is a altered version of Kubrick from

The visual colours are from Not the CSS or layout, just the colours – I still want to change the colours here a bit as they are too Zeldman still. I have a little girl almost the exact age of Zeldman’s, finding the time to recode is difficult.

Acronym Replacer 2.6 Joel Bennett Wraps common acronyms with the acronym tag.

Auto-Close Comments 0.1 Scott Hanson Autoclose comments after XX number of days without a cron job.

Category Image(s) 0.9 (Updated to 0.92) Scott Reilly Displays image for each category associated with a post. I’m using a mixture of Slashdot and SmoothIcon icons for my images.

Search Hilite 1.2 (Website has vanished) Ryan Boren When someone is referred from a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or WordPress’ own, the terms they search for are highlighted with this plugin. Packaged by Matt.

Next/Previous Post in same Category v 0.1.2 (updated to 0.2) Jennifer – Scriptygoddess This plugin will give you two functions that will give you links to the next/previous post in the same category as the current post.

StatTraq 1.0a beta Randy Peterman This plugin will allow you to keep track of every hit on your public WordPress site (note that it does not track admin activity).

Dunstan’s Time Since 1.0 Michael Heilemann & Dunstan Orchard Tells the time between the entry being posted and the comment being made.

Edit: Added the following two scripts –

AutoLinker 1.3 Joel Bennett Makes links from predefined text. So you type ‘firefox’, for example, and it auto links to ‘’.

Auto-hyperlink URLs 2.01 Scott Reilly Auto-hyperlink text URLs in post content and comment text to the URL they reference. Does NOT try to hyperlink already hyperlinked URLs. Improves WordPress’s default make_clickable function, along with adding some configuration options.

That’s it, all the sources for CreationRobot. Hope that helps if you want to use any of the scripts or functions you see here.

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