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September 20th, 2005 · No Comments

MeFi has an interesting article from yesterday on free sci-fi. I’ve gone through and taken out the links provided by the article and user comments. Good sci-fi is hidden in here, trust me.

Kelly Link, who isn’t really a sci-fi author – more surreal fantasy horror, I find her writing inaccessable as climbing through a thornbush. She writes with the clarity of a blade and has moments of shocking brilliance — hidden among lots of dull winding surreal horror. I have the dead tree version of Stranger Things Happen.

I haven’t read much Cory Doctrow, though I like (what i have read of) his politics and his stand on OSS. I’m finding SOMEONE COMES TO TOWN, SOMEONE LEAVES TOWN tough going. Not in the sense of hard to read, he’s a fluid writer, but in the sense that I’m struggling to get up the effort to bother finishing it. The ideas are inventive but too jarring for me (and I’m a huge proponent of cyberpunk), the plot hasn’t been engaging and I’m three quarters one quarter of the way through the book; it reads less like a novel than a surreal weblog.

Michael Swanick’s Science Fiction Table of the Elements

Kelly Link, Stranger Things Happen

Charlie Stross,
Colder War

Peter Watts, Starfish

Baen Free Library

Science Fiction Channel

Cory Doctorow

Free Speculative Fiction Online

Strange Horizons

On the Business of Free Novels

Free SciFi every day

“Free, good science fiction for download, some you might have seen, some new, all are worth the time. If you have only a few minutes, Michael Swanick’s Science Fiction Table of the Elements features 108 short short stories. If you have a little more time, Kelly Link, called by Neil Gaiman “the best short story writer currently out there” has released her much-praised collection Stranger Things Happen. For longer reads, Charlie Stross has made available his cyberpunk novel Accelerando and his Lovecraftish Colder War. The creepier Peter Watts has posted the New York Times Notable Book Starfish, and its sequels as well [previously]. If you haven’t had enough, you should check out the Baen Free Library, with books by everyone from Andre Norton to Larry Niven, as well as a large amount of right-of-center combat-oriented stuff by David Weber and friends. Also, the Science Fiction Channel has made available many well-known classic short stories as well as a lot of contemporary Hugo and World Fantasy Award winners [previously]. Finally, you probably already know that Cory Doctorow has four novels available under creative commons. Happy reading!” — Via MeFi

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