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Pentagon plans cyber-insect army — UK plans the Cat Bomb in response — Possible escalation to farmyard animals looms

March 16th, 2006 · No Comments

The UK started developing the Cat Bomb when they realised that traditional warfare was becoming obsolete. Once launched, usually from a sofa or basket based launcher, the cat bomb looks for the nearest warm body under a blanket. It doesn’t discriminate between combatants and civilians, or on age and gender.
You or your children could be asleep, dreaming happily, all safe and warm in your bedroom, and someone launches a Cat Bomb at you. It’s a smart bomb, and can skitter over obstacles and wind through the tightest of gaps, looking left and right until it detects blankets and a warm body.
It homes in like the now outdated Cruise Missile with only one thought on it’s mind: warmth. Off it goes, through the flap, round the vacuum, up the stairs, through the door, onto the covers and boom; you slowly roast under the weight of the Cat Bomb. Don’t let this happen to you, appeal against the use of animals in warfare.

Link The inspiration for this insanity is from a thread on MeFi, funny comment from mk1gti. In other news, the use of animals in warfare is sick and stupid.

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