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Quicksilver plugins that may just do it for you

April 15th, 2006 · 2 Comments

43 Folders has a roundup of the best Quicksilver plugins, personally I’ve found I can take or leave Quicksilver. Normally it is a love or hate application, meh, it doesn’t do enough for me. Perhaps with the right plugins it will slid toward more love.

  1. Cl1p Upload – Lets you upload selected text to Cl1p.net, a service for sharing clipboards between computers. (more)
  2. Image manipulation – Change an image’s type, size, and more from inside QS. Check the plugin’s info pane for more on the neato syntax. (more)
  3. Abracadabra triggers – Associate a mouse gesture with any command. Seems especially cool for people using pen and tablet. (more)
  4. Constellation Menus – Love it, hate it, or just find it wildly geeky and beautiful, this is kinda A1c0r’s version of right-click on graphical steroids. (more and more)
  5. Flickr upload – Like it says, upload your images (with optional tags) to the Flickr photo sharing service. (more)
  6. File Tagging Module – Very sexy for Spotlight lovers. Add tags to any file from the QS panes. (more)


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