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Knitting Erotica

May 4th, 2006 · 17 Comments

Purl one

Knitting changed from just baby cardigans into something much more. Quite when it did this I don’t know, recently my wife has decided that knitting is her new hobby and I was brought up to the new knitted warp-speed. As she’s not the kind of woman to just settle at a scarf she’s been pulling all sorts of odd knitted googles and books. I’ve looked on in rapt fascination. This ain’t Kansas, Toto.

Hip knitting is spread via the web and few select books – a whole raft of links will be spread throughout this piece. Books such as Stitch n Bitch and Sexy Little Knits have introduced chic knits, sexy knitting.

Stitch \'n Bitch Handbook: Instructions, Patterns, and Advice for a New Generation of Knitters Sexy Little Knits: Chic Designs to Knit and Crochet

Probably not safe for work, so the rest after the jump …

Knitting is sexy. Well, admittedly, I don’t consider the actual process of knitting a great turn-on. A person seated, holding two sticks and making the occasional monster face at a lump of yarn doesn’t really make me hot and bothered. And the finished product, gorgeous as it may be, isn’t all that steamy either. It’s what the woman (or man) does with the finished product that’s sexy. —

The in-kids look to the Magazine Knitty,, which features a lot of modern patterns – all free.

My newer version of the old waist cincher/garter belt/ panty features stretchy yarn, delicate feminine trim and a thong panty to add spice.


A modern-day corset, Vicky won’t give you a wasp waist, but she can be worn at home or out on the town.


Sexy. That’s the only word I have for these. Paired with a seductive outfit, garters and attitude, you will be all set. These stockings knit up super fast and will fit most anyone. You’ll be turning heads in no time.


Sexy knitting has a conscious too, knitted condom carriers (, originally via

Also, via Nerve, how about some sex advice from knitters? Sounds odd? Well knitters tend to be a patient yet determined bunch, not prone to insane outbursts. Perhaps it’s not so odd.

How can knitting improve my sex life in general?
If you have really yummy yarn, you can nuzzle that significant other with yarn during sexual relations. And did you know that the stuff you grease up with in bed, you can also use on your knitting needles? It makes them real slick and smooth, makes your work go faster.

Alright, slightly odd, I grant you. So knitting is all sex, but whatever, lets get back to the sexy side of knitting. Some of the best knitted lingerie we came across, not literally you understand, is on


Nice stuff, but it costs. Some of their patterns are free though, you can get the Alene Camisole pattern (the pink image) from,2046,DIY_18180_40464,00.html.

If you’re thinking – wait, this is all for girls – then you are right. It’s girl centric this knitting business. By girls and for girls, it might explain why knitting is increasingly popular with lesbians. Guys are catered for in some small way, we’re thrown a bone in the form of willie warmers, see here and here.

Willie Warmer.jpgww4a.jpg

If covering genetalia is not enough for you, how about knitting it? OK crocheting it too.


The vagina above is from, an enterprising site that will do custom made jobs just for you. I think I need to wrap up now, it’s getting late here.

If you want to skip patterns and just look at sexy knitting keep an eye on Not too much on it yet but it could be good.


Knitted panties, bikinis and nightwear? Okay. Knitted condom holders, willie warmers, nipple tassels and genitals. I missed the meeting that said knitted got fun.

Buy the books and get knitting!

Links where you can buy or download most of the knitted goodies shown: (TB) —

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  • 13 Claire // May 5, 2006 at 3:48 PM

    Who knew? My mom is on a rampage and has knitted like 800 blankets for our family. My stepdad is just like, “whatever”!!!!

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    Knitting Erotica. “So what?” you may say, “We get it, already, Mad. Knitting is sexy. Fine.” You have to click on the link and scroll down, because at the bottom of the page is a photo of me modeling the panties I knit (and actually wear. . . oh, so cozy in

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