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The State of the CreationRobot nation

August 2nd, 2006 · 2 Comments

I’ve halved the number of posts that I make here on CR. Did you guys notice? I’ve made the posts longer on an individual basis so I bet that the original word count has gone up.

I’ve also moved from just about paying the bills on CR to making a four figure a year profit, only just four figures though. This isn’t like problogger who says he pulls in 9000 USD a month. Thank you all for your clicks and thank you for the clicks and not running from the site when I changed the advertising around. I added lots of amazon ads last month and I’ve since removed them, they were overkill and generated no interest. I’ve added a text sponsor, you may not have even seen that one, who knows. If you want to sponsor CR contact me. I’ve also revised the placement of Google ads and only one google runs per page now, down from three at one time. The advertising has shrunk quite a bit here.

During July CR wasn’t picked up by any of the whale blogs, no Neatorama doesn’t count as a whale blog though I think it has a higher readership than CR. July stats are:

Monthly Statistics for July 2006
Total Hits 1019633
Total Files 935422
Total Pages 200079
Total Visits 76877
Total KBytes 8324915

Over a million hits and near 80k visits. The top enterance pages by visit:

1 / (
2 /feed/ (RSS)
3 /2006/07/top-ten-worse-things-about-lists-of-top-ten-things/
4 /2005/08/top-30-torrent-sites-2005/
5 /2006/07/stunning-underwater-nude-photography/
6 /2006/03/inkspell-cornelia-funke/
7 /2004/07/greatest-games-of-all-time-part-2/
8 /2006/06/ghost-apple-macbook-sleeve/
9 /2006/04/top-300-google-adsense-payouts/
10 /2005/04/convert-mp3-to-aac-easily/

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  • 1 Jackdaw // Aug 3, 2006 at 6:37 AM

    Oh the public is fickle beast :P

  • 2 Bjorn // Aug 2, 2006 at 10:55 PM

    More posts! heh.

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