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Britney Spears open legs closed by Paris Hilton, of all people | Creation Robot
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Britney Spears open legs closed by Paris Hilton, of all people

December 1st, 2006 · 1 Comment

Now that Britney is free again she’s out flashing with Paris Hilton. I love the following quote:

UPDATE: I didn’t even notice but in that first picture Paris is closing Britney’s legs. You know you’re this close to becoming a human condom when Paris Hilton is showing more sense than you. Usually you’d be better off taking advice from that guy who likes to take dumps in the subway.

Now, aside from the crotch shots, ‘why is this placed this on CR?’ I hear you wonder. Simple, the comments on thesuperficial website. Yes I know she’s not the most popular person in the world and you have many reasons for disliking her; the fact she has a c-section scar should not be one of them.

C-section is used to save the live of the baby/mother, it leaves a scar, get over it. Damned 12 year old boys …

britney-spears-upskirt-vagina-07.jpg britney-spears-upskirt-vagina-06.jpg britney-spears-upskirt-vagina-04.jpg


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