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Apple Consumer Keynote 2007 | Creation Robot
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Apple Consumer Keynote 2007

January 9th, 2007 · No Comments

I’ve been waiting for this keynote since the announcment of Apple moving to Intel chips.

I vowed to avoid the first generation of Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops, they reached the redesign and bug fix point and looked tempting. But then we were just three months off the keynote and the extras that come with it. After waiting so long another three months was fine.

My PowerBook is three years old now and is in need of replacement. I’m really going to enjoy this keynote.

Join in at:

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and at:, channel MWSF2007

This is the Mac Geek event of the year, along with the September Pro show, so get your coffee and tune in. Who knows what’s likely to appear this year. The Apple stores are now down, the fun starts at 9:00 PST, -8 GMT; not long to go.


I’ll add in the big news here as and when I can so expect updates shortly:

09:06 People still not calm enough to all be seated.

MacWorldLive 09:06

09:10 Mac sites covering the Keynote start failing – even before the keynote starts. MacUser is one site now offline.

09:14 Steve takes the stage

09:16 Now in the US, over half of the Macs sold in the US are new Mac users.

09:20 “iPod is world’s best mp3 player and most popular video player”. 2.0B songs sold on iTunes. That’s 5 million songs a day and 58 songs every second. itunes sales up – don’t know why they say they’re down, showing a graph: 2005 614m – 2006 2.0b 2x more


09:23 250 Paramount movies now on iTunes

09:26 iTV = Apple TV, wireless connection to your TV, iTunes purchases and more

09:28 802.11 b, g + n, 40GB HD, 720p HD video, component cables, rca, usb2, ethernet, Wi-Fi networking, HDMI

1168363732-thumb.jpg 351834544_099af906bc.jpg

09:36 iPod and music streaming as well as movies, priced at 299.00 USD, buy now, ships February.

09:38 One new product, it’s the iPhone, looks like a widescreen iPod (touch sensitive), internet ready, 3g


09:49 Runs on OS X, claimed to be five years ahead of other smartphones, worked on the UI for 2.5 years.


09:54 Acceleromoter, Ambient light sensor as well (saves power), when you bring it to ear it turns off the display, proximity sensor, on the back 2mp camera, 11/16″ thin, 160 pixels per inch, one button on front, 3.5 inch screen – highest res screen ever shipped

1168365431-thumb.jpg dsc_0182.jpg

10:04 Quad band, Wi-Fi, bluetooth 2.0, GSM+EDGE phone

10:10 Does conference calling, using 2 presses of the screen, very simple to use (must be hard to set up though)

10:18 Free Yahoo IMAP email to the phone

10:33 Apple partner with Google, the AppleGoo joke resurfaces

10:36 Apple partner with Yahoo. So number one search engine and number one site on the Internet are partnered to Apple. Microsoft must be feeling very green about now.

10:42 Five hour battery life

10:47 Available: shipping in June, 8GB model – $599, 4GB model – $499

10:47 Asia in 2008, Europe by 4th quarter 2007

Almost the whole keynote was a iPhone demo, pretty light otherwise. No announcement on: Leopard ship date. iWork. iLife. Core 2 Duo mini. Oct-core pro’s. Universal Apps. High Def at the iTunes store. Any computer hardware outside the new iPhone. .Mac updates or revisions. Adobe.

All over.

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