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How to get Windows on your Mac – Part Two | Creation Robot
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How to get Windows on your Mac – Part Two

August 20th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Here’s part two of the easy guide on getting Windows on your Intel Macintosh.

If you want to copy files between OS X and Windows partitions easily then stick to 32GB or below. This is because if you go over 32GB you have to use NTFS, which OS X is unable to write to. If you don’t care about sharing files then you can go over 32GB. Ways around this exist but they are complex and I have no desire to try and walk you through them.

NTFS does have some advantages over over FAT32, you can write files over 4GB in size on NTFS. DVD images are 4.3GB, you cannot write those in FAT32. The disadvantage is you need to burb files to DVD or copy them to an external hard disk

After that click to start the installation and we’re off. Make sure you select the right partition to install Windows on; this is why I thought you should remember how much space you had given over to Windows. Select the partition, it’s probably already labeled as C:

After the partitioning the Windows install is a matter of clicking on the defaults until it completes. Once it completes Windows will reboot. Eject the Windows XP SP2 disk.

To select which OS to use when your Mac reboots hold down the Option key. When you are back to Windows insert the Apple driver disk, it will Auto-run. Go through the install of the Apple drivers and your Windows install will look and behave much nicer than it did a minute ago.

Reboot again and now you have a full speed install of Windows XP SP2. Your console like install of Windows just for games. Enjoy!

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