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IBM Reveals Five Innovations that Will Change Our Lives Over the Next Five Years

December 28th, 2007 · No Comments

Interesting list from IBM. I believe five years is too soon for mass adoption of these technologies, give it 10-15 years.

Being Green
In the next five years, you just might get a call on your mobile you never expected: “It’s your air conditioner calling, you left me on and nobody’s home. I’m wasting energy – would you like to turn me off?” A range of “smart energy” technologies will make it easier for you to manage your personal “carbon footprint”.

In the next five years, the stress, strain and smog associated with our daily commutes and road trips will be completely different.

We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat,” but with the foods being sourced across international borders, the need to “know exactly what you eat” has never been so important. In the next five years, new technology systems will enable you to know the exact source and make-up of the products you buy and consume.

Cell Phones
In the next five years, your mobile phone will become as trusty as your best friend when hitting the mall.

In the next five years, your visit to the doctor’s office will be completely different, allowing them to see, hear and understand your medical records in entirely new ways, using technology to beef up their own visual, audio and cognitive abilities by organizing patient records in an entirely new way.


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