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Using SATA on a MacBook Pro or Windows Laptop

January 14th, 2008 · 1 Comment

A two part post, you can find part two here.

Own a MacBook Pro or Windows Laptop? Want to write to / from an external disk at theoretical 3Gb/sec? Which, in practical terms, is a maximum of 280MB/sec.

Remember that USB is only 480Mb/Sec, which is about 10-35MB/sec in practice.
Using SATA (or more correctly eSATA, external SATA) on your MacBook or Windows laptop is a HUGE speed increase. It’s faster than Firewire 800, which can do an impressive 98 MB/sec. In fact, see the listing below for a comparison of achievable (non-theoretical) read/write times per industry standard.

USB 3 and FW 3 are not to be included really as they are not yet finalised or released. I added them below for completeness:
USB – 4-10 MB/sec
USB2 – 10-35 MB/sec
FW – 49 MB/sec
FW2 (800) – 98 MB/sec
SATA – 280 MB/sec
FW3 (3200) – 400MB/sec (Coming during 2009-ish)
USB3 – 600MB/sec (Coming during 2010-ish)

This figures are mostly from Wikipedia, so if you can point to more ‘factual’ sources feel free to do so and I’ll add them in.

So you want to get SATA running on your MacBook Pro or Windows Laptop cheaply? See part two for the walkthrough … coming soon.

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