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Operating Systems and Browsers of users coming to CR | Creation Robot
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Operating Systems and Browsers of users coming to CR

March 11th, 2008 · No Comments


CR gets OK readership, over 2.5k unique hits a day, serving almost 5000 pages (using wp-cache) which amounts to 200MB bandwidth a day and 33k hits. So what OS and browsers statistics can I pull from these figures? It breaks down like this:

Operating Systems Hits Percent
Windows 259428 78.4 %
Macintosh 55468 16.7 %
Unknown 10909 3.2 %
Linux 4172 1.2 %
Sony PlayStation Portable 466 0.1 %
Symbian OS 71 0 %
BSD 45 0 %
Sun Solaris 36 0 %
WebTV 3 0 %
Unknown Unix system 2 0 %
Others 1 0 %

Windows is used by 78% of the people who read CR. This is not an accurate statistic of people who use Windows at home, as in work even I have to use Windows. I suspect this figure is a little lower, regardless 3/4 of my readers are on Windows.

I’m amazed I get so many PSP readers, but the site does down-format well to really small screens and mobiles.

OK, so those are the browser statistics:

Browsers Grabber Hits Percent
MS Internet Explorer No 174315 52.7 %
Firefox No 99542 30.1 %
Safari No 36180 10.9 %
Unknown ? 7271 2.1 %
Opera No 5780 1.7 %
Mozilla No 3148 0.9 %
Netscape No 1823 0.5 %
Camino No 933 0.2 %
NetNewsWire (RSS Reader) No 530 0.1 %
NewsGator (RSS Reader) No 475 0.1 %
Others 604 0.1 %

Half of the readers use IE, one third use Firefox, one in 10 use Safari. IE is no longer the big dog on the Internet in the same way it was. That figure gets less all the time. IE 7 has done nothing to help IE to recapture users from Firefox, and to a much smaller degree Safari.

The anger generated by IE 8’s use of non-standards/standards encoding will not help either. If you are still using IE on Windows, why? Genuine question, I’d love to know. Maybe it is those work PCs where people have to use IE.

Get Firefox
Get Safari

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