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The Speed Download – Macheist saga | Creation Robot
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The Speed Download – Macheist saga

March 8th, 2008 · 1 Comment

I purchased the last pack of applications from the Macheist people, and I was burned by the Speed Download 4 (SD4) fiasco. TUAW has a good write up on it, but more exists.

the SD5 update was pushed down via the automatic updating system [built in to SD4 and switched on by default-CR], apparently catching many people by surprise when they discovered it was a paid upgrade. Second, the Macheist site made it very clear that purchasers were getting the full versions of the software they were buying, not time-limited or non-upgradeable versions. That being the case, Yazsoft’s chief sin in my mind is not in making SD5 a paid upgrade, but treating those who purchased SD4 from Macheist differently than customers who purchased SD4 directly from Yazsoft on the very same day. That just seems unfair.

So an update that my SD4 asked for broke SD4, turning it into SD5 and asking me for more money. Dumb. Also dumb –

Perhaps most surprising of all is that there apparently was no contract between Yazsoft and Macheist, the entire thing being settled in informal emails.

I wouldn’t deal with either Yazsoft or Machiest without having a solid contract in place. Both groups have previously shown that they are prone to mistakes. Look at Machiest 1. or the same guys ran, which never shipped a product, but made them money in advertising revenue, and this post on TUAW regarding Yazsoft. In this case it was all mistakes, that escalated into monsters as Machiest dropped to name calling and Yazsoft didn’t budge.

So, pot meet kettle. Too many mistakes on both sides, but I’m betting no ‘evil intent’ on either. I felt let down so opted to follow my heart. I deleted SD4 off my Mac and did not upgrade to 5.


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