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Will War Drive Civilization Underground? | Creation Robot
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Will War Drive Civilization Underground?

April 6th, 2008 · No Comments

Back in 1942 the future of humanity meant living underground while airships sailed overhead, raining death and destruction in a never ending war.

Well it’s 2008 and we have two never ending wars, drugs and terror, but luckily we’re not living underground. And if we do, can we live like Hobbits please?

It’s 1975! All hell has burst loose in World War Three! The nations of this earth have lined up again on two sides. The slaughter, devastating fury, and material damage make the wars of past history seem like children’s games with toy tin soldiers!

In an hour, gargantuan cities are blasted into nothingness. Desolated heaps of rubble and smoking, stinking debris mark the spot where a flock of towering skyscrapers lifted pointed peaks into the heavens.

Does this mark the end of a city’s existence? Does it mean the Grand Climax of civilization? The ultimate Armageddon? The wiping out of a nation as one would crush a hornet’s nest?

Not at all! For already the keen, dispassionate, incisive minds of scientists are fashioning the world in which many now living will be forced to exist when the next cataclysmic and catastrophic spasm of mankind occurs.


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