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The end of the age of plenty

July 4th, 2008 · No Comments

We’ve reached the end of the world of plenty. When the world had lots of oil, food, copper and other natural resources. Yes, this is the end.

Over the next 30 years humanity will have to learn new tricks. I know that modern society is entrenched, we believe that our society is immobile. That this is it, that cars run on oil and strawberries need to be shipped 2000 miles before you eat them. Things will stay the same, right? Wrong. Change is an elephant that is always with you, sometimes it is more visible, but it’s always there.

The elephant is practising right now, juggling, tap-dancing and generally getting its show in order. The big unveiling will be over the next 20-40 years. Society will have to change as oil prices skyrocket and availability dwindles. Bush apologists argue against that, ‘we’ll find ways to get more oil out of the earth’; good luck with that. How’s Iraq going again? Anyway …

We’ll become creatures of new habits, travelling less, both internationally and in the daily commute. Jobs will change and allow you to work from home way more. Food will change to more local produce. Those copper wires in the sky, and under your feet, will be recycled and replaced, recycling will become huge. Holy shit I wish I could invest in recycling right now, that’s the future.

Can our immobile society change? Ask yourself this, how old is ‘society’, in its modern sense of groups/towns of people living together in a co-operative way. Well Sandbach, my old town back in England, existed in the 600 ADs and even earlier. I’d Wikipedia it to find the right date but I wrote the Wiki article and I didn’t include that information. ‘Cities’ existed 4-8 thousands of years ago and society existed even longer ago than that.

Whatever, I’m not being precise here, this is a head dump on the future. So lets make an arbitrary agreement, society existed at 0AD, over 2000 years ago. We can all agree on that, right? Good. So moving on, the modern world of plunder, cars, airplanes, and general over use of earth resources is a late 19th century invention, again from my part of the world (back in the day, I now live in Canada), North West England.

Again, being abatary and dumbing everything down for both me and you, lets agree that the modern world of over use, cars, oil burning and so on started on 1908, 100 years ago. So we’ve been entrenched in our immobile society for 100 years out of 2000 or 5% of our time.


Why do we see our society as immobile? Why can’t we adapt to new times? We, as a species, has screwed the planet over by using too much of everything so fast. Now we have to adapt to new times, and we have no choice about it. We’re entrenched because humans dislike change, that is a basic human instinct. We’re also entrenched due to the media. Mostly we’re entrenched because those in positions of power do not want change as it threatens their power. So they promote and forcibly keep the status quo by any means they have.

The elephant is still getting ready though, the show will go on, change is coming. We’re due for interesting times and nothing is going to avert them. Welcome to the new age, the age of scarcity.

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