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Best OS X Applications 2008

August 10th, 2008 · No Comments

I’m in the process of rebuilding my Mac after reinstalling OS X Leopard. I’d messed the last install up using monolingual and stripping out the PPC code. OS X does not like that and I don’t recommend it for the small savings that you get in disk space. So I was thinking to myself, as I was going through my mental list of must installs, why don’t I update my aging OS X best applications list. So here is the update, which will keep expanding over today and tomorrow.

Going to add things in and take some stuff out. Or move it to a ‘nice but not vital’ section. Also going to do a section that lists the software that I’ve purchased. Will be interesting to see the intersection between that list and the ‘best of list’.

Must have denotes that you should buy, beg or download this right now.

I own this denotes that I valued the software so much that I went out and bought it. (This will not be noted on free software). Can’t get more of a recommendation than that from me!

Without further explanation, here is the – 

Best OS X Applications 2008

Ejector – – Free

Ejects everything in or attached to your computer. Handy when you have a few devices attached to your Mac. Must have.

Adium X – – Free

The chat program for OS X. Handles pretty much everything, except good video chat.

Skype – Free (if calling another skype user)

You want to chat from your computer to a landline or mobile? Or you want the best video chat going? Then get Skype.

Transmission – – Free

Light fast and just plain works, this is the bittorrent client for OS X.

Transmit – – $29

Best FTP going, but it costs. If you want free then use Cyberduck. Transmit also has one of the most copied icons going

Quinn – – Free

Tetris for OS X? Here you go.

Appzapper – – $12.95

The missing uninstaller for OS X. Just drag the app you want rid of onto Appzapper and it finds all the scattered files and removes them.

Delicious Monster – – $40

Catalogue pretty much anything. Most useful for books, CDs, DVDs and games, really useful if you have a barcode scanner or built in webcam. Excellent support from staff helps too.

 Burn – – Free

Burn pretty much anything on your Mac without the need to buy Toast.

 Mac the Ripper – – Free

DVD ripping software, very handy for backups.

 Handbrake – – Free

Converts from DVD format to MPEG format.

 VLC (Miro) (WMV Plugin) – – Free

Throw a video at this media player and it plays it. Some exceptions exist but not many.

Parallels – – $49-99

For those times that you just must run a Windows application. Runs them slower than when you use boot camp. Not for gamers or heavy users.

QuickSilver – – Free

The best application launcher bar none. Complex at first but you can soon pick up how to use it.

 MS Office (Open Office) – – $119.98

The office suite that just works best on Mac. Until Open Office gets itself fully sorted out on Mac then it is this or Apple’s iWork suite.

Alternatives: Open Office, NeoOffice, iWork

 Scrivner – – 39.95

Serious writers might use Word, but not if they can help it. Authors prefer something with more finesse. Scrivner fits the bill, it’s the perfect blend of tools mixed with getting out of your way, so you can just write. Must have. I own this.

Alternatives: TextWranglerAbiword, WriteRoom 

Firefox – – Free

Firefox rocks the browsers due to its ability to extend through plugins and addons.

Alternatives: Camino

XChat Aqua – – Free

IRC Client, paid alternatives exist but this does the job just great.

Uno – – Free

Skin OS X so that it is more consistent. Does not work on Leopard, yet.

iSale – – $39.95

Sale your stuff on eBay more easily.

Unison – – $24.95

Newsgroup reader and downloader.

SuperDuper – – $27.95

Backup software that you control, unlike Time Machine. Increases peace of mind.

TrailRunner – – Euro 25 donation

Route planning software for runners, swimmers, hikers.

ReFit – – Free

Boot menu so that you no longer have to hold option when restarting OS X. Makes using Boot Camp easier.


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