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Why I love the Internet

July 21st, 2010 · No Comments

The Inattention Age, part 2, or Why I love the Internet

So you may have read my idea on the ‘Inattention Age‘. This is of course in response to the concept of the Attention Age, which intellectually I find to be the wrong term entirely.

The Attention Age Wikipedia page is the first hit in Google, so it is a term that is defining itself. I created a Wikipedia page for Inattention Age and it was flagged for deletion in about 5 minutes as the mod googled the term and found nothing about it. Annoying but fair enough, I thought, so I have to get the idea out.

Ironically, due to the Inattention Age, the idea is unlikely to gain traction unless it comes from a ‘source’, and by source I mean some highly visible spokes-thing; a person or website. The volume and speed of updates assumes things will get lost in the wash, information needs a source that is publically weighty enough to give it traction.

That’s the way it has always been of course, politicians, stars, tabloid opinions hold sway, no matter how vapid, due to the fact they get ears and eyeballs. As an infrequent blogger, very much Z-list, my opinion online carried no such weight, again annoying but fair enough.

So how do ideas, concepts, new ways of looking at things get out into  public thought? They explode though a source or seep through the everyman. The latter is what the Internet allows, and bless the Internet’s cotton socks, it sometimes works. This is proven again and again by memes that take over, however briefly, those eyes and ears.

I’ve had conceptual ideas before that I felt made no ground, such as my concept of digital history degradation, where your online past is virtually forgiven or forgotten after a period of time. That concept was, of course, postulated by others as well and it has seeped out. I like to think I was a part of that.

If someone asks you ‘What’s the point of the Internet?’, or some subset of the Internet like blogs or Twitter, then you can answer to allow seepage. The Internet allow ideas from the everyman to get out, to be ignored or taken up, no matter how thoughtful, vapid or outright crazy, the Internet is present for the everyman.

Long live the freedom of the un-commercial and uncensored Internet.

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