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Beating Procrastination | Creation Robot
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Beating Procrastination

January 19th, 2011 · No Comments

I wrote a  this incomplete post back in 2009 and never published it. It’s interesting to look back on where I was going with this from the distant future that is 2011.  I’ve done a little editing and some additions for the flow and added a retrospective on the end. So welcome back to 2009:

I am a terrible procrastinator. Scratch that, I am a damn good procrastinator. I can procrastinate until the cows come home, go out again and, well, place that on perpetual repeat. Eventually they’d die of old age waiting for my epic procrastination to end. I am the best.

The only person who comes near me is the late great Douglas Adams, who, bless him, could have represented planet earth in the intergalactic procrastination Olympics. I now have to take on that challenge. Or I would, but I’d never attend due to procrastination.

I’ve suffered a lot of different things in my life, slings and arrows of my own making and those from others. The worst are my own, of course, here’s a sample of amazing volume of self created weaponry that I have thrown at my brain:

Overly active inner critique

Severe depression



And sharp pointy things of others making such as divorce, betrayal and the general failure of humanity(!)

So 2007 was my super low point, 2008 a little better, 2009 was alright until the end, 2010 was meh, anyway I intend to make a step up and beyond. I’m doing this in a number of ways:

Tackling my depression for good rather than for the now

Getting on top of my desire to horde. And –

This is a departure for the CreationRobot blog, a blog that was and is remaining to be successful despite my disinterest. I’ve decided to come out of the blogging closet, so to speak, and make this into less of a link blog and more about personal thought, life and experience. Do I expect anyone to be interested in my thoughts, life and experience?

Oh lord no! Why should you be! Don’t be silly! I’m incurring no charge by writing this, and you are equally free to read this – or not. So let’s pretend you have enjoyed this post together and we can both be happy. Please leave a comment, it makes my day reading them. You can also catch my personal Twitter at flapfoo.

So here we are in the future again, completing the past, or at least twisting it. So did I beat depression? Oddly yes, I get low but not depressed. No, I’m not on drugs, prescribed or otherwise. Depression itself is an addiction and it’s damn hard to beat because your mind wants to keep you depressed. When I understood that then I could move forward; plus a million other factors but it would be about as dull going into them as watching a sloth sleep.

How about making CreationRobot shift from a BoingBoing / Neatorama link blog to a more personal blog? Nope, I’ve opted out of blogging all together. ‘Why stop blogging?’ I don’t hear you ask, I’ll answer you anyway as I’m just like that:

Facebook – I send links to that and get more instant feedback on FB than I ever got on CreationRobot. Way less readers of course, but more fulfilling for me.

Twitter – When you have no time, but you are enthusiastic enough to want to post I turn to Twitter. I doubt it will stick, I’ve tried Twitter many times and just can’t get into it for long periods of time.

Time -Speaking of time, I have less time to spend blogging. My work is harder and more time consuming as I get older. I have a daughter and a partner that need my attention more than a blog.

So is blogging dead? Of course not, it is just not the juggernaut that it was, now it’s just another niche. The 800lb banana smushing gorilla of the Internet is Facebook, with the smaller apes of LinkedIn, MySpace and so on, following in its wake.

Did I beat procrastination? Did you really need to ask that? This post originated in 2009! I may never beat procrastination but I still think about it sometimes, like now for example. I’ll probably do a follow up post on procrastination, probably.

So what now for CreationRobot, one of the venerable internet blogs, yes it’s that old. I’m not sure, I’ve struggled with how to keep pulling CreationRobot forward with me as I move through life. I’m going to try updating a bit more often than 3 or 4 times a year with whatever takes my fancy.

The more I try an codify my blog, the more I tell myself it should be THIS, no wait, this, the more I trap myself and make it impossible to update it. So, my dear website, fly and be free.

You are no longer to be anything, you can be everything.

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