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How to Remove Apps from Google Chrome | Creation Robot
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How to Remove Apps from Google Chrome

November 15th, 2013 · 1 Comment

When you log into Google Chrome and add Apps (or Extensions) they follow you around. Whenever you log into a new instance of Chrome, another PC at home or work or around a friends, those Apps then auto install into that Chrome.

This is a really annoying Chrome ‘feature’ as it’s not clear how to go about remove annoying Apps. Take Little Alchemy for example, forums are filled with people asking how to remove this App and no-one responding. This is how to uninstall Little Alchemy and other Apps in Google Chrome. Here are six easy to follow steps to remove these apps:

1. Update or install Chrome to the current version

2. Log into Google Chrome, see the three horizontal bars in the top right of the browser window, that’s how to log in.


3. Once you are logged in a new button appears on the top left of your browser window, a 3 x 3 grid of colour dots labelled ‘Apps’. Click this to show all your apps currently on Chrome.


4. Find the annoying apps that you want to uninstall and right click their picture. Then select ‘Remove from Chrome’ from the drop down list. Do this for all the apps that you want to remove.



5. If you have the 3 x 3 grid in your Windows taskbar, the Start Menu bar, called ‘Chrome Launcher’, right click this icon and select ‘Unpin from Taskbar’. It’s a shortcut to Chrome.exe, it is not a separate program to uninstall but it’s good to remove this icon if you are done with Google Chrome Apps or just no longer want yet another icon on your taskbar. If you don’t have this icon, then skip step 5.

6. You’re done. These apps will no longer follow you around when you log into Google Chrome.


Now, Extensions are separate from Apps and are removed a different way. Here’s the post on how to remove extensions from Google Chrome.



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