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I’m Marcy, a non-cis female geek, gamer, artist and author living off the coast of mainland Canada. On a relatively small island called Vancouver Island. It’s nearly the size of England. Speaking of which, it’s almost like I plan my writing, England is where I am from originally. I sold everything I had and moved across the world to live in Canada. I had years of thinking that was a terrible thing to have done but now I’m happy and settled. I wouldn’t live in England again unless I was super rich and could have a robot butler.

My art goes onto Tumblr, most of my writing and posting on Facebook, and my ‘series’ writing goes onto my author blog —

If you wish to know anything more about me ask me a question. If you require an interview or speaking engagement please email me.

I’ve been married once, divorced once, spawned once, changed gender once, and was born once. I do a lot of one off events it seems. I hope you enjoy my website, at least once.

Below is my old ‘About Me’. As you can tell it is chronically out of date. This is the same kind of out of date as that weird sauce bottle you have in the fridge. Out-dated stuff tastes bad, but unlike that expired two years ago sauce bottle, the Internet stays ever fresh and changing. Although like the sauce, you should throw the old out sometimes.

(From 2005)

Site Information
Life, Photos, Technology and Links, from the coast of the UK. CreationRobot (CR) is a technology and link blog, with an Apple bias, interspersed with writings on diverse topics such as games to DRM.

Posts are normally made on the hour so check back at XX:00 to see new posts, if any exist. If a lot of posts are queued then they are sometimes posted on the half hour XX:30. Why? Well the world won’t end if CR posts faster and you know when to check for new posts.

CR is generally family friendly, any more adult themed posts are marked as NSFW and the content is hidden behind a more tag.

Creator History
I was first on the net back in 1992 and it fed all my cyberpunk needs. Since that time I’ve used various University networks, Jodrell Bank’s network, 33k modems, 56k modems and finally ADSL – all to feed my habit of staying online.

I’ve worked in IT from 1997, and surprisingly I’m still doing it without losing all of my sanity. In this time I’ve worked as:

– First/Second/Third line tech support in various Windows based enterprises.
– Anti-Virus team lead for Europe, Middle East and Africa, ePO based.
– Technical Author and Document Management
– Information Security Analyst

Company names are not provided, lets just say mostly three letter acronym global corporations. Evil and huge. I’m not proud of it, I need to eat too you know.

Outside work I write, sometimes, maybe, perhaps. I’m a Douglas Adams style writer [[Or was]], gleefully ceasing on any distraction possible in order to avoid actually doing any writing. This means that I’ve five finished shorts, two more shorts ongoing and three unfinished novels.

I post to CR daily [[no, I don’t, not anymore]] and [[old website, long since deleted]] every few days.

I’m also a gamer, though I spend less and less time on this than ever. So basically I suck at games these days. I’ve owned the following, and yes I’m guessing at the years:

Spectrum 48K (1984)
Sega Megadrive (Japan Import 1990)
SNES (1991)
Sega Megadrive (UK 1992)
GameBoy (1992?)
Various PCs (1994 onward)
SNES (1992)
GameBoy Colour (…)
Sega Saturn (…)
Sony Playstation (1995)
N64 (1996)
GameBoy Advance
Sega Dreamcast (2001)
Sony PS2 (2002)
GameCube (2003)
Apple PowerBook (2004)
DS (2005)
Wii (2006)
Apple MacBook Pro (2007)